Social Distancing with Kids.

We have completed one whole week at home in isolation. What a time to be alive! I’m certain our kids will have a crazy story to tell as adults.

First off, let me start by saying how grateful I am to all of the people working so hard during this pandemic. Please keep all of the first responders and healthcare workers in your prayers at this time. If your state has not yet forced you into “social distancing,” I urge you to do this on your own. Our state of Pennsylvania has closed all non-essential businesses at this time. Just because you are not part of the “high risk population” does not mean you cannot get sick nor does it mean that you cannot spread it to others – including those who are at-risk for a serious complication. Please stay home.

Where to begin? This is a new challenge – we are forced into isolation.

No activities or events. No school or work (for a lot). As a stay-at-home mom, you wouldn’t think that this “shelter in place” idea would be hard, but it is. I have struggled all week with keeping the kids entertained, trying to create a sense of normalcy amidst the chaos. Some days are good, and some are “break-down-in-your-room-crying” level.

As we gear up for week 2, I thought I would share some things that I am repeating to myself over and over. I hope that this will help someone out there.

Be thankful for this time home with your kids.

Yes, in the heat of the chaos, we might be pulling our hair out and begging for alone time. But in 10-15 years, we will be crying because we miss this stage of them wanting to be with us and wanting our constant attention.

Don’t compare yourself to other families on social media.

They may post cute pictures of smiling kids, but I guarantee that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine.

Reach out to friends on the phone.

Social. Distancing. Is. Lonely. I think I took for granted the 10-minute conversations I have with people throughout the day at school pick-up, or in stores, or just hanging out. Check in on your friends. They might be in the middle of a really low moment and could use some encouragement.

Take quiet time for yourself.

The first couple of days I was so burnt out from being with the kids 24/7. As the week went on, I found myself needing some space. Create a mandatory quiet time for everyone. Go be by yourself. Self-care is so important.

Take it day by day.

Some days you may want to stick to the schedule while other days, you may need to throw it in the trash. You do what is best for your family, even if that means doing absolutely nothing all day long.


Below is our new schedule. Things have been shifted around based on last week. I have found that if you are trying to do schoolwork, try splitting it up more into smaller chunks. I originally had schoolwork all at the beginning of the day, and it was impossible. Remember to get outside if the weather is nice!

This past week, we've made play dough, painted rocks, had an outdoor scavenger hunt, and even created a paper mosaic art. This week we have plans to make tie-dye shirts, air-dry clay creations, and build a fairy garden. Huge hugs to everyone! We can do hard things. Comment below with some fun activities or crafts that can be done from home.

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