Shopping Spree... err.. I Mean Nesting

So it's been a while since I did a blog post. Part of it was because I was in prison (ICU month) and part of it was because we were busy figuring out what we'll need before mini-me arrives.

What most call "nesting" is what I'd like to call reading-a-ton-of-consumer-reports-and-going-on-a-spending-spree-to-prepare-a-room-better-than-my-own-bedroom phase.

From cribs to strollers to gliders to baby monitors, we found ourselves reading reviews after reviews and watching youtube mom channels after channels. Parental n00bs. I had no idea there were so many baby products out there! I'm pretty sure I only had a cloth diaper on me while I spent my day eating, pooping, peeing, sleeping then rewind. Now they've got transforming strollers and mamaroos. Insane.

Anyway, we have about 100 days before D-Day (see what i did there?) and the nursery is coming along. I initially wanted a sports theme (read: Michael Jordan) but that was vetoed. Eagles theme - vetoed. Panda theme (read: AZN) - vetoed partly because it's hard to find cute panda bedding stuff. Finally was Jurassic Park theme, which I conceded to cute dino theme. Regardless, I'm buying this kid his first pair of J's fairly soon.

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