Shhh... It's a Secret

So we're pregnant. I gathered my buddies on g+ hangout just last week to share the news. But before then, Crystal and I were still wondering who should know and when's the right time?

First things first - family. Since Crystal and I found out just before Christmas, we thought what better way to tell them than during Christmas time (plus, it saves us from buying "big" gifts for our parents since we're counting the news as a "present" huzzah!). However, we wanted to be careful since we certainly didn't want to dominate the whole Christmas scene with our baby bomb.

Up first was the Dometita family.

We bought a card for my parents that read: you've been promoted to lolo and lola status.

Lolo and lola in Filipino means grandpa and grandma. At the same time, we gave my grandma some bibs just so the hint sinks in quicker. Mama D and Gramma D were both elated. I think my dad was either in shock or just didn't get the hint quick enough, haha.

Then we travelled to NC just before our honeymoon and got to share the excellent news with the Kane family. We waited until everyone received their gifts and saved ours for last.

We wrote a little poem in the card and gave them a baby's hug-a-bible, something the new grandparents can read to the baby while babysitting.

After family, we kept it on the DL for a while. I guess Crystal's baby books suggested to wait until around week 12 (when the baby is the size of a plum.. yes they have weird fetal size to food charts) to share the news. Though I don't think plums have anything to do with it, it's just that the rates of miscarriages tend to drop significantly after the first trimester.

So for now.. only family, my best men, and crystal's bestie. Well, them and this blog, which for now is still set to private.

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