Preggo Myths and Gender Reveal Reactions

Before the gender reveal this past weekend, Crystal and I were treated to a slew of funny Filipino pregnancy gender myths. For those of you who are reading this that are not of filipino-descent, please do not think of the Philippines as a backwards-nation but rather one whose citizens revere their culture and roots.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorites that I heard from my mom and grandma:

#1: if the baby bump is sharp/pointy, then it's a boy

#2: arm pits and neck darkening in skin color? boy!

#3: feeling extra glowy/prettier? pink it is :)

#4: mama's nose starting to look like yosemite sam? girl!

#5: baby bump is ridin' low, then it's a bouncin' baby boy

#6: craving sweets = girl; craving oily & salty = boy

Let us know in the comments section of some of your favorite pregnancy myths that you've come across!

So I'm half-Chinese and half-Filipino, and another funny thing is this deal with the Chinese gender chart. Apparently the legend says that this lunar calendar-based chart was found in an ancient Chinese tomb and can determine with 100% accuracy (say whaaaa??) if your baby is a boy or girl.

As soon as we told my parents we were pregnant (back in December), my dad apparently went straight for his chart and has been prophecizing the arrival of a baby boy!

As if this 100% accuracy claim wasn't enough, he tells us that all first-borns in his family have all been males (him and his brothers went 6 for 6). Although if you watch the video below, he exclaims "99 percent!!!" I guess despite his 2 100% arsenals, he was saving 1% for the girl.

Not to be outdone is Mama Kane, who also had a prediction. She told us that she had not one but TWO dreams about Baby D. She said on the first dream she saw a baby in a crib that was peeing. The pee apparently had a nice arching flow to it, which I guess would be hard to do if it was a baby girl. In her second dream, she saw a little asian boy running around that looked exactly like me.

So if you watch the video below, you will hear her saying "dreams do come true" and "I saw this little boy and he is beautiful."

I'd have to agree with her, a little me does sound beautiful...

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