How I found out

2013 has been one hell of a year. I survived intern year, married my one and only, and found out I'm about to be a dad... just before the turn of the new year.

I will never forget the moment when Crystal sat me down to tell me she was pregnant.

She had just gotten home after driving for hours, coming back from her lab course in Maryland. Usually after not seeing each other for a couple of days, she can't stop talking about her day and asking me about mine. But this time, she was extremely quiet. too quiet. Then she started bawling as she handed me 2 pee sticks bearing the news. I guffawed (yes, I believe that would be a good description of my reaction). Poor crystal, she knew she was pregnant all day but had to sit on it the entire day. To make matters worse, she was afraid I would be upset about the news as we weren't necessarily trying for a baby. But as I recall telling my best man, we're not not trying either. And boy was crystal worried about nothing, I couldn't be happier.

Of note, she ended up buying 2 more pee sticks of different brands for confirmation... as if the first 2 plastic messengers were incompetent. Fortunately, results confirmed.

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